Tracktion DSP releases Master Mix plug-in

Tracktion DSP, the audio applications developer division of Tracktion Corporation, has released Master Mix, a professional stereo mastering-grade plug-in that offers multi-band dynamics processing and equalisation. Master Mix is currently available exclusively at the Tracktion Marketplace on-line store.

Designed as an upgrade of the venerable Acuma Labs Final Mix plug-in, Master Mix has three individual dynamics processors, each with its own set of controls and selectable crossover points. It also has two separate six-band parametric EQs, one located before the dynamics section, and the other after. Each dynamics band is typically used as a compressor, but expansion is also possible. An intuitive dynamics contour edit screen provides easy setup of your compressor parameters and allows you to create the perfect soft knee curve. Master Mix also offers a simple to use noise gate and a soft-clip limiter.

“Master Mix is very straightforward,” commented Tracktion’s Dave Christenson. “It’s all about maintaining the creative flow. Unlike many mastering plug-ins currently available, Master Mix is easy to understand and quick to use. The perfectly laid-out visual interface keeps all the necessary tools in view, the audio quality is superior to that of Final Mix and a new side-chain implementation provides greater flexibility than before.”

With intuitive screens and controls, Master Mix promises to be an invaluable tool that can be used wherever necessary. It should be thought of as a mastering quality channel strip allowing precision manipulation of any track as well as the final stereo mix.