UoB’s Guild TV adopts Nugen’s latest loudness plug-in

Guild TV, the student-operated television station for the University of Birmingham, UK, has adopted Nugen Audio’s VisLM loudness metering plug-in.

It becomes one of 41 members of the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) located throughout the country to receive sponsorship from the manufacturer recently.

In addition to boosting the station’s compliance with the European Broadcasting Union’s EBU R128 loudness recommendations, VisLM provides a training tool for Guild TV students to gain loudness monitoring experience in preparation for professional careers.

VisLM is a standard-compliant tool for measuring, comparing, and contrasting loudness during production, broadcast, post and quality assurance – on the fly or after the fact – for entire sections of audio. With detailed, objective loudness measurement, history, and logging facilities, VisLM supports ITU, ATSC, EBU, and Game Audio standards ‘to ensure loudness compliance for titles to be distributed virtually anywhere in the world.’

Guild TV has incorporated VisLM in its live and post-production broadcast workflows to monitor loudness and improve audio quality. For live broadcasts, the station uses VisLM with an audio interface to achieve loudness within the EBU standard of -23LUFS ± 1. VisLM also works in concert with Adobe Premiere plug-ins to enable Guild TV to master videos to -23LUFS ± 0.5.

"VisLM has been instrumental to our understanding and application of R128. Its highly intuitive graphical interface, which presents data simultaneously as a numeric value and a graph, has been very useful," said Rob Sumner, former station manager, Guild TV. "VisLM is not only helping us learn more about EBU R128 and how loudness monitoring is being used in the industry, but also enabling us to improve the audio quality of our productions immensely."

"Guild TV is a perfect example of why we sponsored the NaSTA student television stations. We were seeking to give students tools for learning about loudness management that typically aren’t available in most of the UK’s television production courses," added Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, Nugen Audio. "Guild TV is doing an outstanding job of leveraging VisLM to ensure that its students develop the skills they need to be successful. Many of these students will go on to pursue professional television careers, and their foundation in loudness delivered via VisLM will be another valuable skill they can add to their CVs."