VIProducer introduces StoneBridge Plugin Package

VIProducer, the new company that offers ‘exclusive access to the creative processes, techniques and minds of music’s biggest producers and their sounds’ has announced its first release, the StoneBridge Plugin Package.

The package delivers exclusive content that combines three virtual instruments with multi-track audio and educational video materials delivered by the Grammy-nominated producer StoneBridge, giving users a complete suite of tools to play with.

The StoneBridge package is centred around three virtual instrument plugins: VIP Synth, Beat Maker and Drum Shaper. Each of these delivers StoneBridge’s very own signature sounds in a ‘flexible and user friendly package.’ Each plugin provides a ‘track proven platform’ from which the user can launch their own productions, and with a wide range of effects, filters and envelopes available, VIProducer says there is ample flexibility to hand when it comes to sculpting sounds as well. The arpeggiator, step sequencer and gate designer also provide added functionality.

Born in Stockholm, StoneBridge’s music career stretches back over 20 years; he began by remixing international acts such as De La Soul, Titiyo and Rebel MC. However, it was with his remix of Show Me Love by Robin S in 1993 that solidified his reputation, with the record going on to become one of the biggest selling house records of all time. This early success stirred up much interest in the Swedish producer’s studio talents and before long he found himself remixing hits from the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Basement Jaxx, Chic, Usher, Simple Minds, Will Smith, Sia, Patti Labelle, Yoko Ono and Debbie Harry.

As well as offering up his own signature sounds, StoneBridge has allowed access to his ‘Hold On’ stem session. Users can follow along as he personally goes through his production process, via videos, audio examples and textbook style instructions. StoneBridge breaks down his production process and shares his techniques and secrets on:

  • Getting his kicks ready for the club
  • How to side-chain your bass
  • Getting the most out of your master bus without losing dynamics
  • How mixing as you go can save you a lot of time and ultimately get you more volume out of your track
  • Setting quantize values to achieve that perfect EDM and club feel
  • Using automation to DeEss vocals, add impact to risers, and give your productions that extra edge

The package is available now for £99 in AAX, Audio Unit, RTAS and VST formats. It requires an iLok account and the latest version of the free UVI Workstation or UVI’s Falcon.