Voice Ark reveals new mobile system for ADR and VO recording

Voice Ark has launched a new mobile system designed to handle the acoustic challenges of voice recording.

Launched in response to the difficulties faced by sound recordists during lockdown when trying to blend recordings with production sound, the new Voice Ark system is based on a Mac book Pro, running Pro Tools Ultimate 2020 and records up to four microphones via Focusrite interfaces in resolutions up to 192 KHz. 

For a standard ADR session it records in boom and clip configuration, with a range of microphones on offer, depending on production’s requirements. Voice Ark also offers a remote configuration and aims to bridge the gap in sound quality between the studio and ordinary rooms/offices.

Milos Stojanovic, freelance ADR recordist and mixer, created Voice Ark as a result of months of research and planning supported by previous experiences of mobile ADR work. “As we all know in March 2020 our world changed dramatically due to Covid-19,” he commented. “Productions more or less stopped shooting completely and post-production work shifted largely to remote working and for ADR this proved to be a particular challenge. 

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“Voice Ark allows for either on-site operation where it’s safe to do so, in a production office, a hotel room, or a soundstage, or a remote configuration where it is controlled from my London studio.  In both scenarios anyone attending in person or virtually is able to monitor the session with both picture and sound and be presented with select take combinations on the fly, just like in a traditional studio session.”

Stojanovic collaborates with Halo Post-production, WB De Lane Lea, SNK Studios, Creative Outpost, Hackenbacker, Soho Square Studios and Azimuth Post and his work has been featured in global cinema releases and programmes on the BBC, ITV and Sky including streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. He is a member of AMPS (Association of Motion Picture Sound) and BECTU.