Waves and Ocean Way collaborate on new Nashville studio plugin

Waves Audio and Ocean Way Nashville Studios have collaborated on a brand new plugin designed to emulate the revered acoustic environment fo the famous facility.

Ocean Way Nashville Studios were designed from the ground up by Ocean Way founder Allen Sides. Its control rooms are designed to provide an accurate acoustic response that translates seamlessly to other listening conditions. Supervised by Sides, the Waves Nx Ocean Way Nashville plugin is designed to deliver true representations of the control room’s finely tuned acoustics over any set of headphones.

Nx Ocean Way Nashville is powered by Waves’ Nx technology for immersive spatial audio. Waves’ Nx uses channel crosstalk, inter-aural delays (ITD), filters (ILD), early reflections, and head motion tracking to replicate the immersive experience of hearing audio in the real world. Developed by Waves in collaboration with Ocean Way Nashville Studios at Belmont University and with Ocean Way Audio, this plugin, the companies said in joint statement, ‘represents a technological breakthrough in accurate 3D spatial audio modeling of a real acoustic environment’.

Sides said of the new plugin: “With Ocean Way, it was always about the sound. In all the studios we built over the years, the single most important thing was the monitor systems. What this plugin gives you is the space to create a better mix. You can put on a set of headphones, and it sounds like you’re sitting in this amazing control room, with an amazing set of speakers in front of you. This is a phenomenally accurate reproduction of what we created at Ocean Way Nashville – a remarkable replication of what it sounds like to sit in my studio control room. I think it’s a valuable asset to anyone trying to define what a truly great mix is. It simply makes the mixing job easier.”

The Waves Nx Ocean Way Nashville plugin is now shipping.

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