Waves Audio announces two new broadcast products

Waves Audio has announced two new releases geared towards broadcast professionals: the Dugan Automixer and the WLM Plus. 

First up, Waves Audio’s new Dugan Automixer plug-in was developed in association with sound engineering legend Dan Dugan and is a software version of the popular Dugan Speech System Automatic Mixing Controllers used the world over. Available for every console, the Dugan Automixer is MultiRack SoundGrid- and MultiRack Native-compatible and works on 32 or 64 channels.

Using Dugan’s proprietary voice-activated process, the Waves Dugan Automatic Mixing Controller plugin automatically controls the gains of multiple live microphones in real time while preventing feedback and excessive noise pickup. Maintaining the gain of one mic in the room even when multiple speakers are talking simultaneously, it makes perfectly matched transparent cross-fades.

Dugan notes, “People have been asking for a Dugan plugin for a long time. I’m very pleased be able to realise it with the premier publisher of plug-ins.”

The second new release is the next generation of the 2012 TEC Award-winning WLM Loudness Meter plug-in, which features new correction and adjustment tools.

WLM Plus is fully compliant with all current ITU, EBU, and ATSC specifications, including new, dedicated presets meeting ARIB TR-B32, OP-59, and the current Discovery Channel requirements. The WLM Plus also includes two presets useful for gaming content creators for levelling, when working on Sony ASWG (Audio Standards Working Group) loudness scanner – geared towards portable and home based devices.

It offers comprehensive Momentary, Short Term, Long Term and True Peak readouts, as well as a warning and logging system that keeps track of users’ levels and alerts them when they have exceeded them or fallen short. WLM Plus now features Gain and Trim controls for correction of loudness levels and a True Peak Limiter, which saves users the need to use additional equipment or software.