Waves Audio launches certified audio training courses

Waves Audio has launched a series of certified audio training courses, powered by its own plugins. 

The Waves Audio Essentials program comprises eight new courses designed to offer vital foundation skills in mixing, mastering and audio production. The aim is to help those taking the courses to create “pro-sounding, audience-ready music”.

The program includes courses on the essentials of hip-hop mixing, vocal mixing and audio mastering, along with a course on better audio for social media content creators. 

Other topics covered by the course program include sound design and post-production, mix foundations, and rock mixing.

The online courses boast more than 140 videos in total and also include multitrack sessions for hands-on practice. 

Participants on the courses also get an official Waves certification on completion. 

Each course can be purchased with or without Waves’ plugins. Prices for the courses start at $49 without plugins, going up to $149-$499 with plugins included.