Waves releases brand new Metafilter plug-in

The new Waves Metafilter creative effects unit is designed to provide all the warmth, depth, and fatness of classic analogue filters while adding modern controls and increased flexibility.

MetaFilter lets you individually modulate the filter’s cutoff, resonance and delay time using three separate modulators – a 16-step sequencer, an LFO, and an envelope follower with a sidechaining option – making it easy to achieve effects such as filter sweeping, tremolo, auto wah, rhythmic gating, ducking, and hypnotic modulating delays with saturation buildups.

MetaFilter can be controlled from any MIDI control device – a great advantage for live DJ performances – and when connected to a MIDI keyboard, the keyboard can actually be utilised for playing the filter cutoff.

For more info, check out the video below: