Wearable AR device Peex allows gig-goers to control the mix at live shows

A new live music recording platform combining wearable technology with augmented audio reality has been revealed. 

Peex comprises twin platforms: Peex Live, which enables fans to create their own five-channel mix of the live concert sound via a piece of wearable technology, the rX, and an app; and Peex ReLive, which allows artists to sell audio downloads of live shows.

Global music ticketing revenues are predicted to hit $24.6bn by 2021, and the Peex platform is poised to provide new commercial opportunities for artists, labels, and venues.

From a technical perspective, the Peex team collaborates with artists to take an audio feed from their production and then separates the multi-channel mix into five separate stems that are transmitted to the audience. The transmitted signal is in a proprietary and encrypted format, and a fan-owned wearable Peex rX picks up that signal and syncs the playback to when the soundwave arrives to the user to compensate for delays from the speed of sound. 

Peex’s connected Bluetooth app then provides fans the ability to personalise the experience via a five-channel mixer set up by the musicians and instruments.

The five-channel in-app mixer splits the sound everyone is hearing into five adjustable channels, such as the piano, which fans can then control and set up their preferred multi-mix of the sounds. The rX blends the live sound with a personal digital mix, meaning the concertgoer takes full control over their audio experience by having the ability to select and mix the live concert sounds in real time.

Graham Tull, chief technology officer and co-founder of Peex, said: “We’re delighted to unveil Peex. Through focusing on adding genuine value both to music fans and the music industry ecosystem, we’ve invented new music technology that we’re all very proud of and believe will revolutionise the live music experience.

“Artists, labels and venues will all benefit from a closer dialogue with their audience via the PEEX app. We’re looking forward to putting PEEX into action with our upcoming partnerships including A-list talent – it’s sure to be a game-changer for fans, artists, and the live music experience.”