What’s New At Adamson?

Adamson Systems Engineering launched three new products at PL+S 2013. The first was a partner to the e15 in the company’s Energia line, the e12. Designed as a standalone mid-size, it can also be used as a downfill, or side fill in a larger e15 arena system. It features Adamson’s new 12-inch Kevlar driver, the ND12S, with advanced cooling.

The Energia e218 also made its debut. Designed as a companion sub for the Energia Series e15 and e12, it can be flown together with an e12 or a standalone array. It features Adamson’s new ND18S drivers with dual spider voice coil stabilising design, which are coated in silicone for long term suspension memory. Shorting rings are used to eliminate eddy currents and reduce intermodulation distortion.

The A218 is an all purpose ‘workhorse’ sub that is front loaded with two of the ND18S drivers. Cardioid plugs are included on the front of the cabinet to ensure easy cabling in front/back configurations.

Adamson also revealed the full range of its Point Concentric range, which now consists of the PC5, PC6, PC8, PC10 and PC12.