XTA Electronics DS800 redesign to incorporate key new features

XTA Electronics has announced the launch of its new DS8000 – a complete redesign of its DS800 mic/line distribution system – for the broadcast and touring markets.

The redesign came about following the careful consideration of feedback given over the years regarding the DS800. “Every time I work on a new mic amplifier, I learn something new and as a result people say they get even better,” said Alex Cooper, the company’s R&D manager. “The DS8000 has Common Mode Rejection Ratio figures I could hardly believe. For example, a typical CMRR reading on a similar product may give 40-70 dBs whereas the DS8000 tests at a minimum of 120 dBs which is phenomenal. The reason behind this is the common mode bootstrapped input configuration, which eliminates phase errors enabling near total cancellation of common mode noise.”

The DS8000 has two new key features: an outside broadcast split function, which is tailored to the demands of the broadcast industry, featuring two rear switches that are designed to simplify stereo 16 way splits; and a dual redundant power supply system.

Furthermore, the system incorporates remote controlled 48V phantom power with lockout ‘safe’ functions to prevent tampering. Panel lighting is also provided for dark backstage environments and there is the option of adding an ADC card that provides AES3 outputs for integration into digital systems.

The DS8000 is a 2U, eight input to 32 output mic/line distribution system with 16 transformer balanced isolated outputs and 16 electronically balanced outputs fitted as standard. Input transformers and the option of replacing the electronically balanced outputs with transformer outputs are available.

“The DS8000 comprises XTA’s third generation of splitters,” explained group sales and marketing director Bill Woods. “The legacy began with the DS400, and was then followed by the DS800, the latter of which has become one of the go-to products in both touring and broadcast. We are confident that the new DS8000 will quickly establish itself as a very worthy successor to the DS800. With the linked PSU’s, the simple OB split facility and the other features we have introduced, we are looking forward to even higher sales over the coming months and years.”

All DS8000 are covered by XTA Electronics’ real world five-year warranty.

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